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What is TOG?

TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is a warmth rating measurement that applies to certain infant sleepwear.

It's a great way to be confident your little one sleeps comfortably (and safely) on hot or cold nights. The TOG ratings help you to decide which sleep bag or sleep suit is best for your baby to wear at any given temperature. The TOG is a measurement of the thickness, or warmness, of the sleep bag or suit. The warmer and thicker the bag, the higher the TOG rating. Sleep bags range from 0.2 TOG for those hot summer nights (over 27 degrees) to 3.5 TOG for those shivery winter nights (under 14 degrees)

During the night infants will get cold if they throw off their blanket, or may get too hot if they tangle themselves up in bed covers and the like. Sleep bags and suits help to ensure our little cubs sleep safe and sound at the right temperature all night long. By using the simple Top rating system, you can remove the guesswork at bedtime!

Once you know the temperature of your baby’s bedroom, you can pick the perfect TOG rated bag or suit for the conditions. Our handy diagram below shows you which bag or suit works best for the typical temperature ranges.

The right TOG rating, every time.

Our friends at Gro have developed a fantastic thermometer to help you know exactly which TOG to pick at a single glance! The Gro-Egg is actually a combined thermometer and night-light, that quickly reveals the temperature of the room by changing colour!

Simply match the colour of your Gro-Egg with our diagram and you’ll know which (rating of) sleeping bag or suit is right without any guesswork or hesitation! Your little one will sleep comfortably at any temperature!

When to start?

You can use sleep bags safely for your bubba once they are around 4kg. Just keep in mind that the fit needs to be snug (but not tight) around the neck opening so that your little one won’t be able to wiggle down into the bag or suit. We are often asked by parents which size will best suit their child. We know that each baby is unique in size and length, so we’ve created a chart below to help you pick the right size and age bracket for your cub!